Need a bicycle lift? Save up to 40% in space with the revolutionary Wheelylift

Storing bicycles in small spaces is something we have been working on for some time. Since we have less and less space at our disposal, there has been a need for a storage system. A bicycle lift system is a good solution for this. The idea behind this is that the bicycle is hoisted into a vertical position so that it only takes up a fraction of the space as before. A bicycle lift no longer has to be a complicated, large and expensive device. The Wheelylift is a new product on this market and is a bicycle lift that meets our current requirements.

The Wheelylift is an easy bicycle lift system, specially developed to make it as easy as possible to lift your bicycle to a vertical position.

The Wheelylift has a number of very attractive features such as:

  • Space-saving (up to 40%)
  • Suitable for any bicycle
  • Maintenance-free
  • Sustainable
  • Swiveling
  • User friendly

Thanks to an easy and durable system, you can lift your bike in no time. This is done by putting your bicycle in the bicycle lift, this is done by hanging your front wheel on a wheel in the bicycle lift. By pulling the bicycle back and pushing it forwards again, a swing system and gas pressure spring put the bicycle in a vertical position. Thanks to the gas pressure spring, this takes no effort at all and can be easily done by anyone. The bicycle lift is made of very durable materials and is completely maintenance-free.

Wheelylift, the bicycle lift for every type of bicycle

There are different variants of this bicycle lift system available. Each variant has a different carrying capacity. There are lifts from 1 to 12 kilos, 12 to 24 kilos, and 18 to 35 kilos. So any bike can enter here. Should it be the case that in the future you get a new bicycle that is lighter or heavier, the gas pressure spring can be replaced, giving the lift a new carrying capacity. The gas pressure spring is very easy to install by disassembling the lift, then you slide the interior out of its housing and you can easily replace the gas spring.

The lift can be mounted on the wall or on uprights, uprights can be placed in the middle of a room and can be mounted on the floor and ceiling. This gives you a neat and orderly situation in your shed or, for example, a shared bicycle shed. View the bicycle lift on our website, look for more information, and ordering options. The lift is easy to order by means of an order form.