The Wheelylift, the ideal bicycle suspension system.

The Wheelylift is a Dutch invention and is ideal for people who own a bicycle. Parking bicycles can take up a lot of space, but not anymore with this lift for bicycles! This bicycle lift is unique, simple and space-saving. but how do you save space with this lift? That is very simple, with the lift you can hang your bicycle vertically instead of leaving it on the ground. The space savings amount to 40% if you hang the bicycle vertically.

The wheelylift is a simple and durable bicycle suspension system

The lift is easy to use. When purchasing a lift you will of course receive a clear manual, which explains exactly how you can hang the bicycle in the unique bicycle suspension system. The lift is unique because of several features. Of course it is very space-saving. In addition, it is suitable for any bicycle. Whether it is a light bike or a heavy bike. In the lift you can even hang up electric bicycles or cargo bicycles without difficulty.

Oblique bicycle parking without any effort

Also, parking your bicycle with the lift does not require any tension. The bicycle suspension systems work with lifting mechanisms that are activated as soon as the wheel is hung on the hook. This way you can easily hang up your bicycle. The lift is built with a sleek design which makes it easy to maintain. The lift is also very durable. The lift is made exclusively with sustainable materials. During the process of making the lift, account is taken of less environmentally harmful measures regarding working conditions, purchasing, logistics, storage and the like.

What is also very handy is that you can use the lift in a small space such as the hallway. The lift easily lifts the bike for you, without damaging your bike, so your bike hangs neatly on the wall of your hallway. This ensures that the hallway is not blocked and you can make optimal use of the space.

The lift is available for the private and business market. Of course, the bicycle suspension systems for the private and business market are all equally effective. For example, if you are an employer, you can encourage your employees to come to work by bicycle by offering more storage space for the bicycles.

This bicycle lift can make it possible for you.

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