Required height

The minimal height required to apply the Wheelylift is 210 cm.

Assembly of the Wheelylift

The minimal height for mounting the Wheelylift from the floor is 55 cm. If several Wheely lifts are placed next to each other, we recommend, if possible, to mount the Wheely lifts at different heights, mounting height from the floor is 55 cm and 65 cm (alternately).

Mounting several Wheely lifts

Mount several Wheely lifts at the same height. If the Wheely lifts are mounted at the same height, a gap of 50 cm between the Wheely lifts is required.

If the Wheely lifts are mounted at different heights, a gap of 30 cm between the Wheely lifts is required.

Usage of a Wheelylift

Placing the bicycle in the Wheelylift:

By lifting the front wheel a little bit and hanging it on the hook of the Wheelylift, the lifting mechanism in the Wheelylift is activated. As soon as the Wheelylift lifts the bicycle, you guide the bicycle effortlessly and without any effort by holding it by the handlebars and under the saddle until the rear wheel is in the wheel channel of the Wheelylift. Then you don’t have to do anything: your bike is fixed. If desired, you can push the Wheelylift with a bicycle to the left or right.

Removing the bicycle from the Wheelylift:

You grasp the bike by the handlebars and the bottom of the saddle and then pull it away from the wall. The Wheelylift’s arm moves the bicycle downwards in a smooth motion. The lifting mechanism is then ready for the next time. Taking the bicycle out of the garage also hardly requires any effort.

Wheelylift manual

Handleiding Wheelylift