The idea behind the Wheelylift is actually quite simple. Inventor Jules Sijpkens devised a system with which you can hang bikes of more than 10 kilos, and where much space was saved. Simply because it was not there yet. It turned out to work: by hanging the bikes vertically you can save 40 to 60 percent space! is active on both the private and the business market and is responsible for the design, innovation, production and sale of the Wheelylift.

In 2012 We retrieved the production of the Wheelylift from Asia to Nedreland, the Wheelylift is not only a "Dutch Design" but also "Made in Holland" and we are proud of it! In addition, socially responsible entrepreneurship is also a high priority, so let us assemble the Wheelylift by employees of the social workplace and also carry it through in the operations, production and logistics.